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Bistro Chlebicek

Bistro Chlebicek is a small family company that started its business activities in 1989. They have gained more than 30 years of experience by operating a delicatessen and own production of cold kitchen products. We believe that BISTRO CHLEBÍČEK is the original result of our long-term efforts to ensure that the people of Bratislava once again have the opportunity to experience the charm of delicacies and traditional dishes on a daily basis, all at a good price.

Installed solution

To the bistro we delivered a system of digital menuboards. LED TVs offer custoomers breakfast, daily menus and drinks in a modern way. Everything is easily managed via the web. The graphic design of the menu was made directly for the client.

  • Digitální menuboard – Avemenu
    Digital menuboard – Avemenu
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI