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+8 Billion pixels


+50k Eyes


1 System


  • Hospitality TV

    Presentation of hotel services via a TV screen is simple and efficient. Increase sales of products and services naturally and directly.

  • Digital signage

    Managing advertising campaigns via common cloud will save you time and money. Navigation in the congress center is a piece of cake with Avemeo.

  • Avemenu

    Digital menuboards that show your customers the daily menu. Connecting to Instagram makes it easier to manage through your posts.

  • Museums and galleries

    Panoramatic projections, interactive touch displays, holograms, motion-triggered projections and many more to amaze...

  • LED panels

    Far above standard exterior and interior advertising, non-standard dimensions, arch projections, high brightness - reach of the customer guaranteed. 

  • Infokiosk

    Implementing touch info totems, payment terminals and self-service reception kiosks - full custom according to individual design needs of particular business.



Technology group

TECHNOLOGY GROUP was established in Lebanon and KSA since 1998. Our high-performance world class Low Current Systems Solutions, information technology solutions, and products are implemented across various platforms like government, compounds, education, hotels, retails, and other industries. We proactively design, deliver and maintain high quality products and services to your End-to-End infrastructure in Low Current System. We are exclusive dealers and partners for international high-end brands.

HoRes Hospitality

We help hotels have a perfect overview of their operations, free their hands from the administration and enable them to make the right decisions.

Institute of Technology and Innovation

Our mission is to find a way to combine two areas - creative content and new technologies - all in order to create a modern and full-featured product for the end user.


Vestel is one of the world's leading manufacturers and a major player in the field of consumer electronics, professional displays, LED televisions and also digital set-top boxes.


By integrating the menucka.sk portal, we have made it easier for our customers to work with the digital menuboard, and we have also found a progressive and technically prepared partner with whom it is a pleasure to work.


HotelTime provides first-class cloud solutions in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and leisure activities with an emphasis on product quality and customer service.


Company working with data, video and telephone systems. Arris International supplies communications equipment for homes and businsses around the world. 


LG offers digital signage displays that simplify operations, reduce costs and are designed to last longer than consumer TVs. In addition, the displays include computer memory, a processor, and an operating system.


One of AV integra´s top priorities is the simplicity of the required solution, in the world of system integration of audio visual technologies, camera systems, video conferencing solutions and data communication systems.


LIFEPARK is a group of professionals providing complete event support from sound, lighting, video projection and LED walls according to the latest trends.


Philips Professional television, digital signage, touch screen or video wall display will help you achieve your business goals with a tailored set-up developed for your specifc needs.


With best-in-class picture quality and exceptional durability, Samsung digital signage displays elevate the conventional viewing experience, helping businesses deliver content that engages, informs and entertains.


Keep employees and visitors informed with SONY digital signage. Every professional Display includes HTML5 player that displays media-rich 4K content with no need for costly set-top boxes or player hardware. It’s a great way to keep everyone in the picture.


Ellipse Cloud is an all in one solution for modern and successful hoteliers and accommodation providers. We will help you grow actively. Achive better results with less effort. Stand out from your competition. We have the most comprehensive system in the HORECA segment for you.

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