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Wellness & Spa Hotel Čertov***. Comprehensive, luxurious and high-quality accommodation and wellness services await you in Čertov all year round. In our hotel you will not only relax, but also get to know the interesting location of Javorníky. They are created for skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking for demanding and less demanding mountaineers. After returning from the trips, a " devilish " pleasant relaxation awaits you.


  • Hotelová televize
    Hospitality TV
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI
  • Integrace kamer
    CCTV integration
  • Serverové řešení
    Server solution
  • Předpověď počasí
    Weather forecast
  • Stav lanovek
    Cableway status
  • Inovace původní hotelové tv
    Original TV system upgrade
  • Wellness info
    Wellness info