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Everyone can find a favorite way to relax with us. Hobbit village or wine cellars. Everyone sees their own thing in our exclusive outdoor rooms. We wanted you to not only sleep well. Every night spent is a unique experience. Whether you come to us for first-class wine with your family, want to have fun with friends, or are planning a romantic surprise for your partner. Our wine tastes great even after you've warmed up in the sauna. Enjoy a romantic weekend in comfort and relax after a tiring work week in our hotel wellness.

Installed solution

  • Hotelová televize
    Hospitality TV
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI
  • Integrace kamer
    CCTV integration
  • Serverové řešení
    Server solution
  • Předpověď počasí
    Weather forecast
  • Wellness info
    Wellness info