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Pizza Pietro

Unmistakable taste, willingness to meet individual requirements and great food. You will only get all this and much more at Pizza Pietro. Haven't you tasted yet? Just go for it! We have launched our new online ordering system, thanks to which we will deliver food from our restaurant to your home. Or simply pick it up at our store. Just order!

Installed solution

In the Pizza Pietro restaurant, a daily menu display system was installed on two LCD TVs. The menu display is graphically adapted to the restaurant´s space and the client's ideas. The content of the menuboards is easily managed via the cloud and connected to the menucka.sk portal.

  • Digitální menuboard – Avemenu
    Digital menuboard – Avemenu
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI
  • Propojení s Menucka.sk
    connection with menucka.sk