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The town of Topoľčany is in the Nitra Uplands. The name of the city probably comes from the Slavic form denoting warm springs (poplar, tapol). Topoľčany is also known at home and abroad for excellent beer under the brand Topvar. The fact that the city lives a lively cultural and social life is evidenced by traditional cultural events such as the Topoľčany Music Spring, the Festival of Small Brass Music, Topoľčany Feast, etc. The town of Topoľčany is one of the important cities of the Nitra region.

Installed solution

Centre for Environmental Education

The aim of the project was to create a place full of new information and knowledge. The centre is the perfect place for group teaching of pupils as a complement to selected subjects within the school curriculum.

With the help of interactive elements, audiovisual works and practical demonstrations, it is possible to introduce visitors to the environmental theme. In tablets, pupils will use educational games - various types of jigsaw puzzles, blind maps, supplements, quizzes, work with imagination - drawing, reading texts which they will discuss later with the lecturer. The touch screen, which serves  for the lecturer, contains the topic of water, soil and air purity.