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Zemplín museum Michalovce

The Zemplín museum in Michalovce was founded in 1957 as the Zemplín museum of local history, and since 1965 it has been operating under its current name. The museum's collections and exhibits are located in the premises of the baroque-classical mansion of the nobles from village Staré and city Michalovce. The mansion was created in the 17th century by rebuilding an older castle. The Zemplín Museum documents living and non-living nature as well as the overall cultural-historical and economic development of the Zemplín region.

Installed solution

In the Zemplín Museum, a digital info-system with touch display and a table with a touch screen on the top were delivered in a such way as to maintain visual and functional compatibility with the existing equipment in the historical exhibition. The delivered solution includes hardware and software for storing and projecting content.

Functionality: interactive (touch) control of the application displayed on the screen, viewing photos with descriptions arranged in thematic units, viewing video content, possibility to switch to another language (EN).

  • Digital signage
    Digital signage
  • Interaktivní dotykový displej
    Interactive touch display