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Hotel Posta

The imaginative architecture of the hotel at an altitude of 1,117 meters above sea level, underlined by the panorama of the mountains brings a perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. The unusual interior with a breath of avant-garde and the variety of materials used is a feast for those who are close to "otherness".

Installed solution

The hotel has updated the original TV system. The TV in the rooms is available to guests in the form of a preview of cameras from the ski resort, the condition of ski lifts and cableways, weather from Tatras Mountain Resorts weather stations.

Interactive Hospitality TV providing guests with easy control via the TV menu. The graphic design of the menu was tailor-made based on documents supplied by the Tatry Mountain Resorts marketing department. The system allows the hotel to send a message to individual rooms, offering customers hotel services. The condition of the lifts and cable ways, cameras from the resort and the current weather are available to guests.

  • Hotelová televize
    Hospitality TV
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI
  • Integrace kamer
    CCTV integration
  • Lokální iptv streamer
    Local IPTV streamer
  • Serverové řešení
    Server solution
  • Předpověď počasí
    Weather forecast
  • Stav lanovek
    Cableway status
  • Propojení s HOREC
    HOREC PMS integration
  • Inovace původní hotelové tv
    Original TV system upgrade
  • Hotelový účet
    Guest´s hotel bill
  • Wellness info
    Wellness info