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Palace Art Hotel

PALACE ART HOTEL PEZINOK in a boutique standard offers a classy atmosphere and exclusive services in 48 rooms and suites. You will be enchanted by the entrance to the reception and to the gastronomic sanctuary RESTAURANT PÁLFFY. Comfort and silence are guaranteed in each of the rooms, which can accommodate 120 beds.

Installed solution

During the construction, a design, project and implementation of a TV system was prepared in the hotel. The TV in the rooms has a service available to guests in the form of a preview of their account, the current menu of restaurants, weather with forecast. In addition to the rooms, the TV display is also located in the lift, the reception and also the wooden "menuboard" in the exterior informing about cultural events.

Interactive Hospitality TV providing guests with easy control via the TV menu. The graphic design of the menu was made to measure, on the basis of documents supplied by the marketing department of the Palace Art Hotel Pezinok. The system is connected to the Hores plus system, which allows for personalized welcome screen for the guest immediately upon arrival at the room, send a message to each room, offer customers a preview of their account. Guests have access to a wellness display, a virtual restaurant tour and a spa.

  • Digital signage
    Digital signage
  • Digitální menuboard – Avemenu
    Digital menuboard – Avemenu
  • Hotelová televize
    Hospitality TV
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI
  • Propojení s HORES plus
    HORES Plus PMS integration
  • Cloudové řešení
    Cloud solution
  • Integrace web stránky
    Web page integration
  • Hotelový účet
    Guest´s hotel bill
  • Wellness info
    Wellness info