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Slovakia Ring

SLOVAKIA RING is a professional and universal motoring area, the dominant feature of which is a race track with the homologation of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) II. degree, as well as the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM).

Installed solution

In the Ring restaurant, on the Slovakia Ring circuit, the original system for displaying the daily menu on four LCD TVs was modified. The system is connected to the local hotel system Avemeo of the Ring Hotel. The breakfast menu, daily menu and dinner menu are displayed on the TVs and controlled by a timer. The management system is via a web interface, available directly at the cash registers in operation. 

  • Digital signage
    Digital signage
  • Digitální menuboard – Avemenu
    Digital menuboard – Avemenu
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI
  • Cloudové řešení
    Cloud solution