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TATRAS INSIDE is an experience tour in the heart of Europe, in the center of the High Tatras. In the center of Stary Smokovec you will find a unique tour of the High Tatras under one roof in any weather. Experience the natural beauty, wilderness, atmosphere and unique features of the Tatras in an original way.

Installed solution

The concept of the solution of an experiential interactive tour of the Tatras combines a number of beautiful photographs, videos and information, controlled by timers, touch screens and also by movement of people within the exhibition space. The very show information heart is a "touch desk" that contains animations, photographs and a huge amount of information. There are age period photographs, information about animals and plants, a description of Tatras settlements and much more. The projections are complemented by soundtrack that enhances the overall experience. All projections are easily editable in the future without a need for a personal visit of technical support, all by using remote administration.

6 large format video projections

4 touch screen full of information

Virtual reality

Sensational (touch and olfactory) exhibits

Climbing wall

Project web

  • Digital signage
    Digital signage
  • Menu na míru
    Tailor-made GUI
  • Integrace kamer
    CCTV integration
  • Serverové řešení
    Server solution
  • Interaktivní dotykový displej
    Interactive touch display
  • Virtuálna realita
    Virtual reality